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Meet the Team! The Village’s Director of Facilities Shares His Story of Strengthening Connections and Building Trust

April 30, 2021

Director of Facilities at The Village at Penn State, Gary Dolan, has over 30 years of experience in retirement living. Beginning his professional journey with The Village in 2003, Gary has developed meaningful relationships with residents and team members. As he ensures safety and comfort for the people who call this community home, he feels grateful to be a part of The Village family.

Pursuing his education years ago, Gary received his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, and was later hired as Assistant Director of Environmental Safety at Lockhaven Hospital. “I became Director of Environmental Safety within two years and worked there for a total of seven,” he explains.

Furthering his career, Gary then began overseeing contract management for a small healthcare company. While Gary gained valuable experience in this role, the position required him to travel frequently. “As my kids began to grow, I wanted to find a job that would allow me to spend more time with my family,” he explains. And that’s when Gary found The Village at Penn State.

Gary’s 18 Years with The Village Begins…

“I first started in 2003 and back then, site development of the community was happening. I’ll always remember the 3-D model they had of The Village and what it was going to look like. When I saw so many unique features and being brand new, I was very impressed and really excited to be a part of that development process,” he reflects.

As Director of Facilities, Gary wears many hats and oversees management of various departments including housekeeping, laundry and linen services, maintenance, and landscaping. “Ensuring safety and upkeep of The Village is a large part of my role. We do everything we can to make our residents feel safe,” Gary affirms.

Working at The Village for 18 years, what Gary enjoys most about his role is the people who are by his side every day.

“Day in and day out our team’s main goal is to please the people of this community,” he explains. Gary says part of what makes The Village so special is their outstanding team members who remain committed to providing an extraordinary living experience for residents. “Every member of our team is dedicated to give their best every day. We truly care about the work that we do and residents are like our family,” he says.

Providing the highest quality of care for residents at The Village

As Gary and the team go above and beyond to ensure fulfillment and joy for residents at The Village, his connections and relationships make his role especially rewarding. “I’ve known some of our residents for 18 years and I’ve built meaningful relationships with them. I know their families and they know mine. When I see them, they welcome me into their home and trust is such a big part of that,” he affirms.

Building trust and strengthening connections, Gary feels lucky to play such an important role in this community. “I’ve seen The Village grow throughout the years. With new developments like our Community Room and Palmer Park, it’s amazing to look out and see all that we’ve accomplished. Being a part of that success has been outstanding,” he says.

As Gary continues to be a part of new developments and ensure residents’ safety and fulfillment, he finds inspiration in every moment spent with the people of this community. “The Village is an amazing place to work and live. We have a great team and the residents truly appreciate our efforts every day.”