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A Gathering of Lions.


Activity and interest groups are defined as any number of residents who choose to meet together and share a common purpose, and whose only village needs might include a meeting space and calendar time.  These groups are dynamic and form and dissolve based on interest and support by their members.  The Director of Resident Services shall assist in scheduling a time and place, and the groups are open to all IL residents.  Typical groups might include Book clubs, Knitting or Quilting groups, Bridge and Table games, Romeos and Juliets, Radio Players, Bible Study, Garden Club, etc.


The Activities Committee represents residents by collaborating with the Director of Resident Services in planning, organizing and coordinating a wide range of educational, recreational, and social activities.  Activities shall include as many residents as possible, while providing for a wide variety of interests that enhance residents’ living experiences at VPS.  Maintaining a two-way connection with Penn State University is also an aim of the Activities Committee.


The Art Committees consist of six separate specialty committees.  The committees are independent and include the Common Area & Hallway Art Committee, the Display Case Committee, the Fiber Art Committee, the Professional Art Wall Committee, The Resident Art Wall Committee, and the Studio Activities Committee.


The Building and Grounds Committee works with the VPS Environmental Services

Director to maintain the buildings and grounds at VPS by collecting and prioritizing residents’ comments, suggestions and recommendations related to the appearance, security and safety of the entire campus.


The Estate Sale Committee collects and prices donated items for periodic sales, with proceeds deposited in the Residents’ Council General Fund.  Ten percent of each deposit is allocated to the Entertainment Fund.  The committee works with the Director of Resident Services to facilitate the collection of donated items from current residents and recently vacated units.


The Finance Committee works with the Liberty Lutheran Chief Financial Officer and the VPS Executive Director on all matters that will have a financial impact on residents.  It will collect from management such information, as it is available and regularly report to residents on the state of the Village’s financial matters.


The mission of the Fitness Committee is to ensure and support a top-quality program to improve the physical fitness of all residents as appropriate for our age and ability (condition).  This includes working with the VPS management, the Wellness Coach and other staff to develop and provide education, specific programs, and related equipment to maximize the participation of all residents to improve their aerobic conditioning, strength, flexibility, balance nutrition and safety.  Our goal is to afford all residents access to quality information and instruction to increase their opportunities to live long and healthy lives


The Food Committee works with the Director of Dining Services to offer resident input on the quality of food, service, and dining experience.  It reviews resident comments on the quality of dining services and makes suggestions for their improvement.


The Gift Shop, also called the Convenience Shop, carries gift items and convenience items.  The Gift Shop Committee works with the Director of Resident Services to recommend and obtain items to sell.  The committee members staff the shop during open hours.


The Library Committee provides and maintains a quality library in the Commons Building with recent fiction and biographies on the third floor and large print and history volumes on the first floor.  Bookcases with paperbacks are located in some of the elevator lobbies of the East and West buildings.


The Marketing Ambassadors are residents who assist the Director of Marketing on various matters related to VPS marketing and public relations.  The Marketing Ambassadors are trained to give tours and are also called upon to dine and interact with prospective residents.  In addition, the ambassadors assist the Director of Marketing during both on-site and off-site special events.


The Movie Committee selects movies from the existing Video Library and also acquires a broad range of new as well as classic movies for showing at scheduled times in the Community Room.  The Committee also provides a brief summary of the scheduled films for the following month to the Director of Resident Services for addition to the daily Connected Living calendar, and also handles showing the films at the scheduled times.


The Residents’ Annual Fund Committee solicits, collects and manages contributions from the Village residents.  These funds are then used to reward the Village employees annually to demonstrate the residents’ appreciation for their efforts of support during the year.


The Reaching Out Committee seeks to make VPS a welcoming and friendly home

to all residents.  The committee maintains and distributes the Village Phone Directory to all IL residents and selected staff.  Reaching Out developed and updates the Village Resource Guide with useful information about VPS, the State College community and Penn State. The committee manages the “Village Introductions” (photo/biography directory of residents).  The Newcomer Transition Team sub-group promotes the integration of new residents prior to move-in by arranging a “welcome host” for each newcomer.  The committee takes on other projects to reach out to residents, as needed.


The mission of the Recycling Committee is to develop a Village community in which all residents and staff recycle responsibly.  The Committee provides item-specific and general information about recycling via a variety of media and live presentations.  Establishing a good working relationship with the Centre County Refuse and Recycling Authority and the PA Department of Environmental Protection is another responsibility.  Interested residents are welcome.


The mission of the Sunshine Committee is to send cards to express congratulations, sympathy or encouragement to Village residents, especially those who are residing in the Atrium and Personal Care or are in the hospital.


The Woodshop Committee works with the VPS Director of Environmental Services

to provide a safe, functional woodshop.  The committee works with residents who wish to use the woodshop.  The committee assures that residents have adequate knowledge to safely operate the equipment, have paid the membership fee and have signed the proper release form.  The buddy system is encouraged.


The Village Clothesline was created to provide an easy way for residents to donate clean clothes in good condition.  Residents donate items in a shopping cart located next to the rack of displayed clothes at the end of the first-floor hallway of the Commons Building past the Arts Studio and Beauty Shop.  Village staff is free to take any items for themselves, their family or their friends.  Committee members size and hang the clothing articles, keep the clothes rack stocked and neat, change items seasonally, and send what items do not move to a recognized charity, e.g., Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, etc.

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