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Meet the Team! Housekeeper of The Village at Penn State Shares Her 18 Years with the People of This Beautiful Community

April 27, 2021

For Housekeeper at The Village at Penn State, Theresa Croyle, cleaning residents’ apartments is more than a daily responsibility, it’s a skill that comes from her heart. With 18 years of experience working at The Village, Theresa has formed strong connections with the people who call this community home. She is grateful to be a part of The Village family and finds joy in every moment spent in this community.

“I’ve always loved spending time with older adults. If you open up your heart to them, they can teach you so much,” she reflects. About 19 years ago, Theresa was working at a laundry and linen services warehouse in State College. When she received news that the warehouse would be moving locations, she knew she needed a change in her career. “I prayed one day on my way home from work that I would find another job in the State College area and that’s when I received a call from Gary, the Director of Facilities at The Village,” she recalls.

Theresa begins her journey with The Village…

Gary mentioned a role in housekeeping for Theresa and she immediately knew it would be the right fit. “I love to clean so I knew this would be a great position for me, and the location was close to home,” she describes. Theresa began her work as a housekeeper at The Village in 2003 and has loved each day in this community ever since. “The Village is a wonderful place to work. I tell people it’s like working in God’s hotel and the residents are His angels,” she laughs.

As Theresa forms meaningful connections with residents on a daily basis, she helps them live a worry-free lifestyle throughout their retired years. Ensuring clean apartments and community common spaces, Theresa plays an important part in uplifting the health and safety of residents and team members.

“There is so much trust between myself and the residents. I feel lucky that they let me be a part of their home every day,” she reflects. Building trust and making connections, Theresa says residents are endlessly appreciative of The Village’s team members for consistently providing the highest quality of care. “It’s all about the residents here,” she says. “I feel good that I can make a difference in their lives and help them even with the smallest of tasks,” she adds.

As Theresa helps residents achieve a fulfilling, stress-free retirement, they enjoy the plentiful amenities that this community has to offer. With a strong connection to Penn State University, residents can participate in lectures led by the college’s professors and attend sporting events when available. Additionally, they enjoy numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation with the beautiful Palmer Park, monthly activities calendars with engaging community life programs, and who could forget the five-star dining experience with Executive Chef Matt and the culinary team?

Making the most of their retirements, residents at The Village enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle while expanding their horizons, and Theresa is honored to be a part of that journey. Making their homes comfortable and clean, Theresa looks forward to strengthening her connections with residents and experiencing more fun and excitement with the people of this community.