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Making Fitness Fun at The Village: New DrumFit Class Helps Residents Stay Active and Live Well

December 22, 2021

Residents of The Village at Penn State enjoy staying fit and living well. With plentiful opportunities for exercise within the community, residents look forward to new and exciting fitness programs each week. What’s one new fitness class that residents love? DrumFit!


What is DrumFit?

DrumFit is a new group fitness class offered to residents at The Village. The community’s Wellness Coach, Lindsey Zeuschel, introduced the program after it became a viral sensation in the fitness world. “I saw a lot of videos go viral on social media of this DrumFit class and it became really popular amidst the pandemic because it requires minimal equipment and is a great way to keep your body moving. So, I decided to start it up at The Village,” Lindsey explains.

Participants in DrumFit use a stability ball and pool noodles as drumsticks to follow choreographed movements while drumming along to various songs. As residents drum to the beat of the music, this new fitness class uplifts their health in numerous ways. “The drumming gives residents a full-body, cardio workout, while also benefitting their cognitive abilities as they memorize each movement in a certain sequence,” Lindsey notes. DrumFit also benefits residents’ balance, hand-eye coordination, and muscle control.



DrumFit is a fun way for our residents to exercise. It’s different than their typical workout and it gets them excited about fitness. It’s great to get their body moving and can be done easily indoors through the winter. It’s just fun!

Wellness Coach at The Village at Penn State, Lindsey Zeuschel


Meet the Village’s Wellness Coach, Lindsey! Click here to discover her story!

To make the class even more fun, Lindsey incorporates various themes to celebrate different holidays throughout each season. “In October we had a Halloween theme and drummed to the beat of fun Halloween songs like Monster Mash. Then we did a winter holiday theme with Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and other festive songs. We also had a Penn State University (PSU) Football theme at the height of football season. We drummed to Sweet Caroline because that’s a huge song for PSU football,” Lindsey shares.


DrumFit The Village at Penn State
PSU Football Running Back, Devyn Ford, joins residents at The Village for DrumFit class.

Residents were especially excited for DrumFit when the PSU Football Running Back, Devyn Ford, showed up to class to participate. Drumming alongside Lindsey and residents, this was one class they will never forget. “I had three PSU interns last semester help me with the fitness programs here at The Village and one of them lives next to some of the Penn State football players. She said she might be able to get one of them to attend DrumFit, and when Devyn showed up, residents were super excited,” Lindsey recalls.

Residents can attend DrumFit classes once a week and Lindsey continues to incorporate fun themes. “I’ve gotten great feedback from residents about this class. They like that it’s fun and different. I’ve even gotten residents who otherwise don’t participate in many fitness activities to join the class and they really enjoy it,” Lindsey reflects.

“It’s a great way to keep your body moving,” she adds. It certainly is, and DrumFit isn’t the only exciting new fitness program Lindsey’s been planning. She recently added Hula Hooping to her fitness classes as well. “One of our residents’ daughters takes a hula hoop exercise class, and she asked if her daughter could come and bring hula hoops to try it out with some residents,” Lindsey explains.

“We had 20 residents hula hooping out in Palmer Park and they had so much fun with it that I decided to have a hula hoop activity every week. It’s become a really fun way to exercise in the winter since we can do it inside. It’s also great exercise,” Lindsey notes. Making fitness fun, Lindsey continues to provide plentiful opportunities for enjoyable exercise at The Village. They feel excited to see what fun fitness classes Lindsey comes up with next.



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