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Senior Move Manager Provides Stress-Free Moving and Downsizing For Residents at The Village

June 16, 2021

For Senior Move Manager, Bridget Donnelly, helping older adults achieve a fulfilling, stress-free retirement begins with guiding them through the overwhelming process of moving. As a Senior Move Manager, Personal Property Appraiser, and Estate Liquidator, Bridget’s wide array of professional experience meets the various needs of older adults looking to downsize with less stress and more convenience. In fact, many residents at The Village utilize Bridget’s services and are thrilled with her outstanding work.

What is a Senior Move Manager?

According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers, this profession assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of moving and/or “aging in place.” With Bridget’s certifications in Senior Move Management, Property Appraisal, and Estate Liquidation, her services for clients can include:

Downsizing and Moving

Offering logical, efficient, proven processes for working through transitions of many types (moving to retirement communities, moving within retirement communities, moving out-of-state, etc).

  • De-cluttering and organizing belongings
  • Coordinating and managing all project details throughout the moving process including packing, unpacking, and resettling into your new home
  • Recommending and scheduling a mover
  • Staging your current home for sale
  • Making your current or new home more accommodating for how you live
  • Designing a floorplan for your new space
  • Cleaning out remaining contents from previous home
  • Coordinating & supervising other vetted resources, to get the house ready for closing

Liquidation and Appraisal

  • Advising on values and liquidation options for unwanted items
  • Liquidating unwanted possessions & entire estates
  • Providing valuation services and professional appraisal reports

Providing a Stress-Free Move for Residents at The Village

Bridget’s support for both the physical and emotional aspects of moving provides great relief for her clients. Residents of The Village, Paul and Caroline, utilized Bridget’s senior move services when they moved to the community in October of 2020.

After living in their two story home for many years, keeping up with work around the house became quite tiresome. “Anything we wanted involved climbing up a flight of stairs,” Paul says frustrated. “That can be very tiring after a while,” Caroline adds. Hoping to lead a more convenient and worry-free lifestyle, the couple considered moving to a retirement community. “We were first introduced to The Village about four years ago,” Caroline explains. Caroline attended an educational lecture program at The Village where the community’s amenities and its residents made a wonderful first impression.

Upon deciding to move to the community, Paul and Caroline did not know where to start when it came to the long and tiring process of downsizing.

“We had 50 to 60 years worth of belongings to sift through and Bridget helped us enormously,” says Caroline. “On top of her completely eliminating our stress, she is familiar with The Village and the floorplans of each apartment, so she even had ideas for laying out our furniture. She’s just terrific,” Caroline adds.

Now that they’ve moved, Paul and Caroline are completely settled into their new apartment and they’re enjoying everything The Village has to offer. “We are meeting so many residents and we’ve become so social. Residents invite us to dinner and with all of the activities and events that happen every day we are plenty busy. Life at The Village is amazing,” says Paul.

Bridget also helped residents of The Village, Ed and Madeline, who moved to the community in May of 2021. “We really loved all of The Village’s amenities. With Palmer Park, and the Community Room where they host all kinds of entertainment, plus the many clubs and committees they have for residents were very appealing to us. And we especially enjoyed the connection to Penn State University for university-based events,” says Madeline.

When Ed and Madeline made the decision to move to The Village, Director of Sales and Marketing, Alanna, recommended they utilize Bridget’s services to ease their moving process.

Ed and Madeline also say that Bridget’s liquidating services helped them tremendously. “We had so much stuff that we would’ve been paying a fortune for storage. With Bridget’s help she took care of everything and sold or donated our belongings,” says Ed.

Since Madeline and Ed have moved to The Village, they’ve enjoyed developing relationships with residents throughout the community and are thrilled with their new home. “So many residents have called to meet us for dinner and they are so friendly and welcoming. The Village really is a great place to live and we are so happy here,” they both agree.

As Bridget makes the process of moving easy and carefree, she looks forward to helping new residents discover the joy of a fulfilling retirement. As for all of the residents at The Village who utilize her services, they give her high regards and recommendations.