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Everything You Really Need to Know About Downsizing and Relocation Best Practices

April 5, 2023

Many older adults are faced with needing to downsize and relocate, but they are so overwhelmed by the prospect that they don’t know where to begin.

To address this dilemma, the Marketing Team at The Village at Penn State in State College, PA, and Bridget Donnelly of Donnelly’s Estate Liquidating and Appraisal Services, are offering a special event on Friday, April 21st, at 10 a.m. at The Village, to help people understand the big picture.

In addition to this education program, The Village at Penn State Marketing Team will be introducing a dynamic new team member, Josh Gardner, whose expertise in Hospitality and Customer Service will support his role as Move-In Coordinator, as he facilitates a smooth relocation for each new resident.

Bridget Has Helped Countless Residents Downsize and Move to the Village at Penn State

“When most people think about downsizing or relocating, they ask themselves, ‘Where do I start and what do I do with all of my stuff?'” according to Bridget Donnelly, Senior Move Manager, Personal Property Appraiser and Estate Liquidator. Bridget has helped adults and families overcome the stress of moving and having too much ‘stuff’ since 2009.

“That should not be the initial focus,” says Bridget. “Instead, they should be thinking about the approaches that will make the process smoother and easier.”

Alanna Parsons, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Village, claims, “Bridget alleviates stress and takes the burden off the shoulders of those who are downsizing and moving. She helps with everything from planning and scheduling the actual move, creating floor plans for the new residence so people can visualize how the layout of their new residence will appear with their belongings in it, packing up the old residence, and unpacking in the new home. She can help with doing appraisals and finding where to sell unwanted items and how to most efficiently handle them.”

“We trusted her completely”

Residents such as Paul and Caroline moved to The Village several years ago, with the help of Bridget. “We had 50+ years of belongings to sort through and we got to the point where we were so overwhelmed, we didn’t know what to do. Bridget made the entire downsizing and moving process carefree and we trusted her completely.”

Village residents Madeline and Ed also were previously living in a larger family home with a lot of furniture and they used Bridget’s liquidating services. “Bridget helped us to simplify the process. Without her help, we would have been really struggling and stressed,” says Ed

The Marketing Team at The Village and Bridget do all they can to make residents’ moves as efficient and stress-free as possible. As Bridget explains, “This is the move of a lifetime for some people. We help with the emotional part of it and hold their hands along the way.”

Bridget provides free initial downsizing and relocation appraisals to help with the question of ‘where do I start?’